Mission Related Investing

The investment of a foundation’s endowment assets in opportunities that align with its program goals. Some foundations have common under criticism for endowment investments in companies who are seen to cause the very problems their programs seek to remedy.  Read More

Program Related Investing

Investments made by foundations that meet the philanthropic goals of their programs. To be counted in the grant-making portion of a foundation’s assets, program related investments must also abide by tax laws regarding charitable intent and the relationship to a foundation’s program.  Read More

Patient Capital

Investment strategies that provide social and environmental returns in addition to financial returns with an emphasis on returns over the long-term. While a longer investment horizon and/or a smaller financial return may be inherent in individual patient capital investments, neither of these conditions are required of patient capital investments.  Read More

Unintended Consequences

Results from actions that were not expected or intended. Unintended consequences are often negative and are due to systems being more complex and interconnected than we may realize—especially environmental and social systems. The Precautionary Principle is an attempt at helping individuals, organizations, and societies to be more mindful of the effects of their decisions before taking action or making changes. It is being increasingly adopted by... Read More