The goal of many organizations who seek to differentiate their offerings by finding new and more valuable solutions that others have not. Most organizations who seek to innovate, do so as a separate, occasional function by a designated subset of employees or consultants. However, true innovation requires cultural change throughout the organization to sustain as […]

Information Economy

A vague term referring to a economy whose chief characteristic is the trade or value of information instead of materials (such as gold, iron, or fish) or activities (such as manufacturing or agriculture) to create economic growth and benefits. There is no standard definition of information nor any measures of its value. Thus, it’s difficult […]

Industrial Nutrients

A term coined by Michael Braungart and William McDonough to describe the raw materials used in manufacturing, use, and disposal of products. These materials, when treated as valuable resources can be used to make other products instead of being disposed of as waste. Some industrial nutrients are toxic, others are not.

Industrial Metabolism

The total use of materials and energy throughout an entire industrial process, such as manufacturing. This includes the source, transportation, use, reuse, recycling, and disposal of all industrial nutrients (materials) as well as the energy needed at each step. Resources: Allenby, B. and Richards, D. (1994). Greening of Industrial Systems. Washington, DC: National Academy Press. […]