Applying lessons learned from the study of natural methods and systems to the design of technology. Science writer Janine Benyus articulates nine principles in her 1997 book Biomimicry:
1. Nature runs on sunlight
2. Nature uses only the energy it needs
3. Nature fits form to function
4. Nature recycles everything
5. Nature rewards cooperation
6. Nature banks on diversity
7. Nature demands local expertise
8. Nature curbs excesses from within
9. Nature taps the power of limits


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  1. Mercedes Mimics Nature

    Daimler Benz has taken German automotive engineering to the next level of emissions efficiency by engaging in a process called biomimicry, “the conscious copying of mechanisms from natural organisms and ecologies.” In this instance, Mercedes looked for…

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  3. Treehugger says:

    Will Custom-Made Microbes Help Power the Future?

    When it comes to taking it easy on the planet, TreeHugger does what it can. This planet of ours, after all, has some pretty darn interesting things to offer us. As such, we’ve become big believers in taking some cues from Momma Earth, especially when …

  4. Tommy Indahl says:

    Great site but would like more information about the technical aspects of biomimicry. If there are other sites with more technical info, please let me know.

  5. merrick says:

    Hi, Janine….finally started to read your book that starts to re-enliven the idea of nature as the wise teacher on many levels> smacks of bucky fuller of the 60’s/ 70’s who was into this compressive planning 40 years ago not just in structure of the dome as energetically and stucturally economic/ molecule/polyhedra related. He looked at all of the worlds resources and how to manage them. How about Kenzo Tange and Frei Otto…and now Callatrava architects who borrow from the natural world. I started my architecture thesis with Structure in Nature Related to Architectural Design, circa 1971. Would like to get back into some field that related design to sustainable energy, water, food, re-use & recycle of everything. Got any ideas for me: I live in s.california….what other resources for biomimicry design, companies.
    P>S> I am also a biodiesel brewer & user…wanting to share this knowlege locally & raise conciousness. Please get back with comments. regards, merrick

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