Customer Experience

The entire experience a customer has with an organization’s product or service as important to the value that product, service, or brand has to the customer, as well as the relationship built between the product, service, or organization that provides it. The experience is, often, more than the features or use or the product or service and extends from the moment the customer perceives need, through the purchasing and use of the product or service, until it is disposed of (and/or replaced). The experience is also the sum total of all the time spent with the offering, the senses through which it is experienced, the emotional, conceptual, and physical triggers it creates to memories and any identity or other social contexts experienced by the buyer, user, participant, or audience.
At the deepest level, products and services can evoke meaning within customers, which can create satisfying experiences and the deepest connections and relationships to an offering or the organization who provides it.

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