The activity of conceiving, planning, and producing products, services, processes, or organizations that serve people in the accomplishment of their individual or collective purposes, thereby creating value for both customers (externally) and companies (internally).
Design is often misunderstood to be limited to “creative” disciplines such as graphic or industrial design, and often only the visual or aesthetic components of these disciplines. However, design refers to any process that creates value. Design applies to a variety of disciplines (databases, manufacturing processes, corporate strategy, etc.) and is, therefore, not the domain of any one group within an organization. Ideally, everyone in an organization is a designer of sorts and has been trained with design approaches to solving problems.
“Design is a plan for action” —Charles Eames


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  1. Annie Chimbuvu Chiluba says:

    I am a 48 older women very passionate about environmental issues working on radio and televsion project to bring about a re-think on the environment which seems to be over drowned by the demand we make of it.Looking for partner in support of the projects

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