MIPS (Material Input Per Service Unit) Method

In assessing product life cycle impacts, the total material input of a product system (development though manufacturing through delivery) is measured per these units. More information: www.wupperinst.org/Sites/home1.html


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  1. Treehugger says:

    Dictionary of Sustainable Management

    Ever wondered what a negawatt was? Does your skins get all itchy at the mention of mips? Never known why a keystone species was important? Wrinkle your brow at the thought of reverse logistics? Frown no more. These, and 262 other such terms bandied ab…

  2. Gjalt Huppes says:

    It seems that LCA and MIPs have developed in parallel. MIPS focuses on the material inputs only while LCA covers material inputs as well, but in addition has all environmentally relevant emissions specified (like global warming emissions, acidifying emissions, eutrophicating emissions etc), and also covers other interventions to the environment specified (like radiation, land use shifts, noice, etc.)
    This would lead to the conclusion that MIPS is a partial, simplified LCA.

  3. Abivaley says:

    I need much more information about Material Flow Account for my test college

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