Substance Flow Analysis (SFA)

A method of assessing the value of materials and energy used in creating a product.


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  1. zhenglei says:

    what is the diffrent of MFA and SFA.

  2. Eva says:

    An SFA consists of an analysis of
    the total flow of a substance or a group of substances through a given system during a given time,i.e., for one country during one year.

  3. the “Practical Handbook of Material Flow Analysis” by Brunner and Rechberger, 2004 (Lewis Publ.) explains in detail the difference between MFA and SFA: A substance is defined as a single type of matter consisting of uniform units such as atoms (chemical element) or molecules (chemical compound). A good is an economic entity and comprises one (water as H2O) or many (water as drinking water with H2O, calcium etc.) substances. A material stands for both goods and substances, and is used when the author either does not want to specify the level of analysis, or inlcudes both substances and goods in the analysis. The reason why the distinction between goods and substances is important is given in the “Practical Handbook…”.

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