A term merging the concepts of “green” (environmentally sound) and “whitewashing” (to conceal or gloss over wrongdoing). Greenwashing is any form of marketing or public relations that links a corporate, political, religious or nonprofit organization to a positive association with environmental issues for an unsustainable product, service, or practice.
In some cases, an organization may truly offer a “green” product, service or practice. However, through marketing and public relations, one is wrongly led to believe this “green” value system is ubiquitous throughout the entire organization.
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  1. Greentini says:

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    Vender fees:
    Outside 4×4 table $50
    Inside 2×4 table $45
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    Only one vender per category per event. (PV, LED, Solar Water heater etc…) To allow everyone
    a chance Venders in the same category will rotate every other event.
    Tables fees paid in advance and Nonrefundable. If you cancel at least 72 hours before we can reschedule.
    cancelations under 3 days of the event are nonrefundable.
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