ISO 14000

The ISO 14000 series represents environmental management standards, created by the International Organization for Standardization, which certify products and companies that meet specific processes and practice criteria. This standard is applicable to any organization that wishes to:

  • implement, maintain and improve an environmental management system
  • assure itself of its conformance with its own stated environmental policy (those policy commitments of course must be made)
  • demonstrate conformance
  • ensure compliance with environmental laws and regulations
  • seek certification of its environmental management system by an external third party organization
  • make a self-determination of conformance

Some of these criteria have recently been superceeded by the ISO 19011 criteria.


One Response to “ISO 14000”
  1. ISO 14001 does not apply to products, but to the management system tha enables an entity to do a better job of managing its relationship with the environment.

    There are four conformity assessment options recognized in ISO 14001:2004, two of which are third-party assessments. ISO does not control conformity assessment.

    The statement related to compliance with legal and other requirements is a committment statement not an assurance assertion.

    There are other GUIDANCE standards that speak to product issues, but these are not standards designed for certification purposes.

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