ROI (Return on Investment)

The profit or loss expected or resulting from an investment. Returns on investment are usually measured only in economic terms but can also include the costs and benefits associated with human and natural capital to give an organization a broader and more sustainable understanding of an investment.
ROI = final value (projected) / initial value


3 Responses to “ROI (Return on Investment)”
  1. Return on Investment(ROI) is a measure of a company’s ability to use its assets to generate additional value for shareholders. It is calculated as Net Profit divided by Net Worth, and expressed as a percentage.

  2. Teffjohn says:

    Can you provide more information about ROI and suggest were to find the information
    teff john

  3. Sami Kar says:

    A simple math (calculating the RoI) could have made it very clear. A touch of IRR (Internal Rate of Return) also could given a broader perspective when the company invests their own money to fund their internal projects like product development or research laboratory or service center or geographic expansion etc.

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