Genuine Progress Indicator

The Genuine Progress Indicator (GPI) is a measure of economic progress that takes into account whether a countries economic growth has resulted in the improvement of well being and quality of life for the people living there.

The more commonly known and widely used economic progress indicator is the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) which only takes into account the total value of goods and services exchanged, and does not distinguish between less obvious costs of economic development which can have negative impacts on society.

The GPI provides a more exact way of measuring social, economic, and environmental assets thus providing a more informed measurement of true economic growth


2 Responses to “Genuine Progress Indicator”
  1. Surely this is the right indicator< which should be used instead of GDP. To have a sustainable country, well being of the people is a must!

  2. Tim Clapham says:

    Please start preparing a regular series . Until you do the idea of the GPI will lie dead in the water

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