Cap and Trade

Cap and Trade is a market based policy tool, which sets a cap on the amount of emissions from a group of sources with the end goal of reducing the overall pollution in a nation, region, or industry. The intention is to incentivize a reduction in emissions and penalize those who don’t comply. Participants in Cap and Trade receive allowances and can design their own compliance strategy giving them flexibility to sell and purchase emissions,... Read More

Ecosystem Function

The physical and biological processes and characteristic activities that allow an ecosystem to exist and maintain its integrity.  Read More

Neoclassical Economics

Most of modern economic theory is based on this set of assumptions and mathematical models of markets. Neoclassical economic theory believes that markets are the best mechanisms for solving problems and are most effective when left alone without government or corporate interference. While this may be true, it is only so when markets and economies build-in realistic ground rules often missing in most implementations. These include, full-life-cycle... Read More