Monstrous Hybrid

A term coined by Michael Braungart and William McDonough for a product, component, or material that combines both technical and organic nutrients (such as recyclable paper and poly-vinyl-chloride) in a way that cannot be easily separated, thereby rendering it unable to be recycled or reused be either system. Most monstrous hybrids can only be thrown […]

MIPS (Material Input Per Service Unit) Method

In assessing product life cycle impacts, the total material input of a product system (development though manufacturing through delivery) is measured per these units. More information:


Commonly mistaken for the term process or practices, methodology is actually the study of processes, practices, or procedures.


The biggest source of wasted time in most organizations. Successful, meetings should have: A clear agenda An appointed facilitator or leader An appointed person to track time Attendance limited to only those who need to be involved (and included those who have influence or responsibility over the issues discussed) Clear Focus on the agenda and […]


The deepest level of significance at which an organization’s products, services, or experiences can touch a customer. “Meanings” are the ultimate ideals that explain the significance of our lives. Recently, marketing theory has integrated meaning into corporate strategic development. Meaningful experiences evoke these ultimate ideals in a measurable amount of time, and make them real […]

Materials Audit

The process of investigating the costs and effects of materials used in manufacturing in order to determine more efficient, less costly, less toxic (or dangerous), and more sustainable options.

Manufacturing Capital

One of at least four forms of capital used by people, organizations, corporations, and governments, to build and maintain their livelihoods. Manufacturing Capital includes all material resources and energy used throughout the manufacturing process and how effectively and sustainably these are used. This includes assessing their toxicity. While these all have economic value within a […]